Customer Profile:

WeWork is a full service shared work space. Founded in 2010, WeWork is valued at 5 billion. With locations internationally, they have plans to double their foot print within the United States by mid 2016. WeWork was recognized as one of the “most innovative companies” of 2015.

The Challenge:

Ensure WeWork DC personnel are familiar with existing corporate safety procedures and basic requirements for planning.

The Solution:

Review existing corporate safety procedures, identify and fill gaps to develop a more thorough, comprehensive program by ensuring that procedures are compliant with 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.38(c). Provide training on enhanced procedures and basic requirements.


  • Improved staff understanding, awareness, and preparedness.
  • Identified roles and responsibilities within and outside the organization for addressing situations.
  • Provided a foundation for essential elements to build a robust program.
  • Highlighted urgency and triggered action for improved corporate-wide planning.